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Although the Realms have a distinct fantasy feel to them, there are isolated places where an adventurer can travel to a futuristic time and experience other wonders. In one such place, advancements in technology have led to the creation of cybernetics, pieces of machinery that can enhance a human's abilities or even grant them new ones.

Adventurers who have answered the call of technology are referred to as Cybertechs. These cyborgs wander the Realms defeating fantastic creatures by using their enhanced cybernetic bodies. To become a Cybertech requires you to merely locate the guild hall and pay an initial fee of 20,000 credits (or "coins" as they're called elsewhere in the Realms). This fee covers the cost of your initial implants (a commlink, neural processor, power cell unit and basic neural interface jack).

After joining the guild, members must purchase new cybernetic enhancements if they wish to have bonuses or special abilities of any kind. Enhancements are purchased with guild experience (which is separate from player experience, but earned at a 1:1 ratio). Some enhancements also require a monetary fee, but these are rare and usually not very expensive.

What types of bonuses can you get from enhancements? Quite a lot. Most enhancements are combat-oriented in that they grant the user greater strength, quickness and fighting prowess. Others provide various abilities, such as the power to see in darkness or to teleport to new locations. Nearly all of the enhancements also have multiple levels, with varying costs and abilities at each level, so that the member can continue to upgrade. Members can completely remove an enhancement if they no longer find it useful (most or all, depending on the level of the enhancement, invested experience is refunded along with all of the essence invested). These things help to make the Cybertech guild very dynamic and full of unique members.

There are, however, certain disadvantages to being a Cybertech. Unlike normal adventurers, you may no longer cast spells. Cybertech members put their faith in technology, not spidery hand movements and mumbled words of magic. Because this makes spell points less useful, your spell points would be greatly reduced.

You would also be limited in the number of enhancements you could have installed at any one time. This is governed by your humanity or "essence." The more a human replaces parts of their body with machinery, the more detached from society they become and the more they begin to identify with machines. Taken to the extreme, this becomes "cyberpsychosis" and results in humans who have lost touch with humanity, leading to a violent rampage. To avoid this, each member is limited in how much cyberware they can have. Everyone starts with the same amount of essence, but once they have used all of it, they can no longer install any more enhancements.

You would be further limited by your power cells. Each member has a certain number of power cells (which can be increased with enhancements) that help to power their implants. These must be periodically recharged (at a cost in coins), although they do recharge on their own very slowly over time.

Having cybernetics installed also seems to lower a human's recovery time from injuries; therefore, your healing rate would be slightly lower than a normal adventurer. Rest assured, this can also be helped by simply installing certain other implants.

If the thought of melding your body with highly advanced cybernetics to become a combat-ready machine excites you, then you should probably speak with The Finn, the best ripperdoc in Tacoma.

Note: The location of the cybertech guild hall is a secret and you must locate it on your own. Please do not ask another player to tell you or show you where the guild hall is located.

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