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Freespace 2 - Released Winter '99!!!

Hello faithful Darker Realms readers! I'm not sure if all of you are excited as I am about the "soon to be" new release of Interplay's newest sequal to the Descent Freespace trilogy. Ironically called Freespace 2.

For all of you who haven't heard of the game(s), they are a space-combat shootem up hero of the day type game. However you control your wings of fighters, who actually do really help, and it's all depended upon you to carry out your objectives. The thing that I find totally awesome with the game is that the AI is spectacular!

The first game was a real breath-taker for me. The graphics were spectactular. The best I have ever seen for a fast-pace game. The story is a typical story about a powerful new species trying to conquer whatever it wants. You are a pilot that is part of the terrans, you know humans, who are teamed up with Vasudans to take out the Shivans. Every level is different and it never goes the way you expect it to. I recommend this game to anyone. (Except to Mac Users noting there is no mac version)

Even though I haven't played the sequal to that game, I'm sure it will be just as big and more. For one thing, you do battle not just in the open space but there will be a nebula you have to go through. I can not wait to see that. There also are bigger capital ships as well as those ships having a new technology, beam weapons.

I thank you for reading this article and I urge you to either buy this game or if you know a person who has it go over their house and play it. You won't be disappointed :-)


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