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The Sixth Sense (Gordo)

On a recent excursion with friend Arnd (or his real life counterpart rather), I was treated to an excellent movie. The Sixth Sense is a movie I would reccommend to all those with a stomach for fear. Many people have asked me about it. They say "Oh all I know is there's a boy that sees dead people". Annoyingly enough, there aren't many ways of describing the movie other than that. Bruce Willis plays a psychiatrist involved with helping children. He is honored with an award for his work. However his work is not without flaw. On the night he recieves his award, his home is invaded by a former patient of his. Apparently deranged, the patient shoots Willis. Two years later (I think it was...) we find Willis who has found another child that is having troubles. This child is part of a single parent family after his dad has left. His name is Cole, and he is very alone. No one at school likes him and he seems shy and afraid. The plot thickens some time later when Cole shares his secret with Willis. Cole can "see dead people" and is very very afraid of them. Willis initially thinks this mere halucinations but is very concerned for Cole. However, in time Cole begins to prove himself as Willis thinks long and hard about how to make the dead people leave Cole alone. Unfortunately it is hard to go further into detail about the movie without giving away key information. However, I fully recomend this movie for it's intricate plot, excellent acting and terrible intrigue. This is a bit scary though, so if you plan on sleeping after you see it, don't go to the late show :)

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