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Me had 2 beg, borrow, and beat kwestshuns out players dis time. But me got gud kwestshuns, and me got gud ansers, so injoy!

Kwestshun oo-no (me use noo langage 2 inlightin me's reeders):

What's two plus two?


deer magic-using wimp Grasshopper,

heh. Bet you no think me knew u was magic-using wimp. Me caught u putting lites around me's head, so me figured thing out. Well, barbs has been debating anser to 2 plus 2 since dawn of sivilazation. Many beleave kwestshun is no anserible, is trick desined by gods to make us think and hert our branes. Many has tryed 2 anser kwestshun by bashing 2 things than bashing 2 more things, but they always lose count b4 they kan finish. Me checked with Ancient One, butt man just looked at me like magic-using wimp about to get thrashed and sed "No! Not that kwestshun! Go away!" Me personilly think anser is 10, butt me no going 2 explane complecksitys of anser to stoopid magic-using wimp like u, u wood no understand anyway.

Kwestshun kwatt-tro (me love counting in noo langage!):

What makes a good quest, in your opinion?


Deerest Tenebrae,

Me glad u asked kwestshun, Tenebrae, butt furst let me help u with spelling. Word is spelled K-W-E-S-T. Eezee mistake, but u barb, me need to make shur u no spell like stoopid magic-using wimp. Me no like ANY of kwests on Darker Realms. Me has 2 use brane, me think kwests is like ansering 2 plus 2... 2 much werk, and no worth effort. Me wood like 2 see kwest ware us kill magic-using wimp and git kwest points, butt no won ever lissens 2 me.

Kwestshun agua:

What's the difference between a sheep?


Stoopid magic-using wimp,

Man, u is full of kwestshuns, isn't u? Makes sense, magic-using wimps no nothing, so has many kwestshuns. Me give u anser, anyway. Me went out and found sheep, and ripped thing apart to find out what was between thing, and found lots of slimy body parts and stuff, but that was all. Me no find anything that looks like a difference, but lots of long tubes and stuff, so maybe those is what you mean. Me mailed you everything me found, so u kan look at things yourself. Has fun!

Thanx 4 kwestshuns, and no forget to go get pade for kwestshuns!

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