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DR Inquirer

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Reporter: Hello Heraclitus, thank you for letting me interview you.

Heraclitus: No problem :)

R: Well lets start at the beginning, when did you first play DR?

H: I am not exactly sure *blush* I believe it was around 1991-2. At the time the "It" monster was all the rage...

R: Your description says that you are a "blue collar man stuck in a white collar job" would you explain that, please?

H: *smirk* Sure, it's a reference to the fact that I am more of a player than a wizard.

R: But you are a Senior Wizard?!

H: Yes, I am very lucky to be where I am (and grateful), but deep down I am a killer, not a creator ;)

R: So you have a lot of seconds?

H: Actually no, I only have one. Book the shape shifter.

R: Why only one, if you are a "killer"?

H: Heh. I did say that didn't I? ;) Well I completely support the new 2nd's rule. It's one of the 3 legs supporting the new resurgence of Darker Realms. Personally though, I am concetrating on Book because I want to level with him one last time.

R: One last time? I thought that Shifters had infinite levels?

H: Well yes that's true, but the cost is very high. If Book makes level 25, he will need roughly 46.3M to make level 26. I am not saying that I will stop playing Book after Book levels, but I prolly won't be actively trying to level him, like I am now...

R: 46.3 million MORE guild experience!?!

H: *nod* Yup yup, at level 25 Book needs a total of 75M guild exp, to make level 26, 121M...

R: Can you say how long it might take to get this level?

H: I hope to make it by Thanksgiving.

R: So tell me more about the resurgence you mentioned, what are the 3 legs?

H: Well that's just mho, I think that allowing multiple characters, Unk's Dragon guild, and the new Eternal levels have really got players excited again. Resulting in a *much* busier mud :) In the new age of 3D graphics and WEB games, I think it's neat that a text based game is actually growing.

R: I noticed that Book isn't Eternal, why? If you have that much guild experience you must have enough regular experience?

H: Yeah, Book has enough regular experience to be E19 or so, but I hate to quest ;) ;) Actually, I hope to have enough qpts to make eternal very soon. I think it will help me to have something else to strive for besides making the next shifter level, sort of a fun distraction...

R: What's the deal with your name?

H: Well irl, Heraclitus was an ancient Greek scientist, historian and philosopher. It's a credit to the intelligence of this mud's administration that I got to keep the name, I was banished from another mud when I tried to use it there.

R: Which mud?

H: *shrug* Beats me, it never amounted to much, and I quit playing it several years ago. I've been playing DR exclusively for 5 years or so.

R: Your area is full of birdmen and Heraclitus is a birdman, why?

H: No reason in particular. When I was coding my area, I tried to come up with some kind of "monster" that wasn't already on the mud. *shrug*

R: Why all of the different color wings on your birdmen?

H: Well when I was younger (and more flexible) I was into martial arts. I didn't get very far but I enjoyed it alot. The colors represent the strength of the monster in the same order as the belts of the style I was studying: white, yellow, green, blue, red, and black. The silver wing is the strongest of all.

R: Do you have any coding plans?

H: I have gotten approval to change my quest and expand my area, but it's not a high priority thing. I hope to link up my main area with Nick's, the area with the arenas (where the Samurai is).

R: Why Nick's?

H: Well I inherited his area when he became inactive, and I would just like to join the two areas. One of the arenas is geared for newbies, but it's a low traffic area. I am hoping that if I add an easy exit back to my area in newland more newbies will use it.

R: I really want to thank you again for letting me interview you, Hera.

H: It was my pleasure :)

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