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DR Inquirer

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1. How long have you been playing Darker Realms? 3 years

2. Who is your favorite wizard, and why? unk..cause he's a scotsman *laf* not really cause he is a scotsman.. i went there this summer and they are all great. Unk has treated me right when seriousness was concerned..

3. What is your favorite area on Darker Realms? I wish i could say newland, but all the areas around the main pubs are easy to navigate, good equiptment and money. newland needs some spice along the main road..lots of new people enter there and never get going and quit.. i did once..a long time ago..

4. What is the best advice you could give to a new player here? get icq, and make friends with a helpful player. stay around long enough, someone will adopt them..so many newbies come and go and we give them money and help for nothing..they quit..so the persistance of the newbie pays off. spend time mapping..everything..

5. What is your idea of perfect happiness? is that the same as bliss? keg of lager, set of great golf clubs, and a good looking babe that thinks i hung the moon. happiness and bliss, u bet.

6. What living person do you most admire? daryl hannah, she lives in a tee pee and so do i when i can.

7. What is the trait you most deplore in others? ostenticity

8. What was the last book you read? the Loop

9. What is your favorite smell? something between a clean woman and a wet horse blanket

10. What is your favorite word? sorry

11. What is your favorite building? the alamo

12. What words or phrases do you most overuse? you bet, why does that not surprise me.

13. When and where were you happiest? just before i found out my ex wife was screwing my best friend

14. How would you like to die? with a smile on my face..from being 80 and killed by a jealous 20 year old husband

15. What talent would you most like to have? be an actor/singer/pro golfer/rodeoer

16. What do you consider the most overrated virtue? the delusion of the corporate american dream

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