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command: alias <macro> <expansion>
         alias <macro>
         alias -p
         alias -x
         append <macro> <expansion>
         prepend <macro> <expansion>

The command 'alias' on its own lists your current aliases.
The command 'alias -p' lists your current aliases, one page at a time.
The command 'alias -x' lists your current aliases in a form suitable to cut
and paste as another character.
The command 'alias <macro>' lists that alias, if it exists.
The command 'alias <macro> <expansion>' sets up an alias for that macro.

The command 'append <macro> <expansion>' is exactly the same as the 'alias'
command, except that it will add the expansion on to any pre-existing alias
for the macro in question.

The command 'prepend <macro> <expansion>' is identical to 'append', except
it adds the expansion at the beginning, not at the end of the pre-existing

$n will be substituted by the n'th word in a sentence. $$ will be
substituted by all of the sentence after the verb. If a $n or $$
does not appear in the alias, all of the sentence after the verb
will be added at the end of the alias. You may make a word containing
spaces by enclosing it in quotes like 'foo bar'.

There is one other special substitution: $@ will be substituted by those
words of the sentence after the verb which have not been used for $n

For example:
 alias ga get all from corpse

Means that when you type 'ga' you will do 'get all from corpse'.
When you type 'ga 2' you will do 'get all from corpse 2'.

 alias 1 say $1 $2

> 1 foo bar gazonk
You say: foo bar
> 1 'foo bar' gazonk
You say: foo bar gazonk
> 1 'this is' 'not very clever' is it not?
You say: this is not very clever

See also: abort, aliasing, do, dotimes, history, nick, pending, restart,
suspend, unalias, unnick, walk, xalias.

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