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You are invited to work on quests and explore the game with other players,
but you cannot under any circumstances give, trade, or sell quest information
(including solutions and hints) to other people.  You cannot ask other people
for quest hints or solutions, either.  You *can* tell people any location
information that is available on the maps publicly available from the mud web
page, or just refer them to those maps themselves.  So if a quest hint says
the quest is around the Town of Vaude, you can show them where the Town of
Vaude is since it is on the map.  If a quest just says it is created by
Raistlin, you can show them where the areas created by Raistlin are, as
indicated on the maps.  Do not give them any information not found on the maps
or in the quest hint.

If you have done a quest, you are allowed to kill monsters other people
working on the same quest ask you to kill, but that is all.  If you are working
on a quest and need help monster bashing, you should try to find someone that
has already done the quest to ask for bashing help to avoid giving away quest

In the case of guild quests, it depends on the guild's rules.  You are
responsible for knowing and obeying the rules of your guild.

These rules are intended to keep the game fair for everyone, not to discourage
playing together.  You are welcome to share information on how to get
interesting equipment, etc., just not quest information.  If you have a
question about whether a given activity is legal, ask a wizard.

See also: questing.

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