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A new alias system has replaced the micro. It fixes some bugs which you may
have noticed in the micro, some of them advantageous to players, others not.

Any aliases you already have should still be there after the switch. If they
seem to have gone missing, please contact an Elder for help.

Please read the help files for 'abort', 'alias', 'do', 'dotimes', 'history',
'nick', 'unalias', 'unnick' and 'xalias' to familiarize yourself with the
new system. Much of it is compatible with the old micro system, but some of
it has been changed to make it easier and more intuitive to use.

There is a limit to how many aliases, nicknames and xaliases you may have.
The total combined number of them may not exceed 50 for an ordinary player,
100 for an Eternal, and 200 for a Wizard.

Some new command line features have been added.

Typing '\<command>' will execute <command> without attempting to evaluate
any aliases or nicknames in it.


> alias who say I am an idiot.
> who
You say: I am an idiot.
> \who
(gives normal 'who' output).

Typing '^<from>^<to>' will take your previous command and change the first
incidence of <from> in it to <to>.


> tell kucifer There seems to be a bug here; can you help me?
Kucifer is not logged on.
> ^k^l
You tell Lucifer: There seems to be a bug here; can you help me?

If you want to substitute all incidences of <from> in the command to <to>,
use '^<from>^<to>^g', while if you want to delete the first instance of
<from> in the command, use '^<from>'.

If you want to repeat a command you did recently, you may do this in one
of three ways:

Firstly, you may type '%<beginning of command>'; otherwise you may type
'history', locate the command in the 'history' list, and '%<number>' or


After typing:

> say I'm lost.
> n
> e
> s

'%s' will make you go south, '%sa', however, will make you 'say I'm lost.'

> history
1:     say I'm lost.
2:     north
3:     east
4:     south

'%4' or '%-1' will make you go south, '%3' or '%-2' east, and so on.

'%%' will always make you repeat the last command you typed.

You may also do this using your up-arrow key. Once before entering the
command means the last command, twice means the second-last command, etc.
Note that this probably will only be of use to those who do not use
clients. Also some forms of Windows telnet contain bugs which prevent this
from working as expected.

If you encounter any bugs with the new aliasing system, please use the 'bug'
command to report it, giving a full description of the problem and how it
occurred. We will endeavour to fix it as soon as possible.

See also: abort, alias, do, dotimes, history, nick, pending, restart, suspend,
unalias, unnick, walk, xalias.

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