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Mud clients are programs specially designed to connect to muds.  They generally
offer extended aliasing and triggers and other features not available to
users of normal telnet.

You are allowed to use a mud client to connect to DR.  However, you may not use
the mud client to do anything that isn't possible with the on-game aliasing
system.  This system is very advanced and is constantly evolving.  If you have
a question about whether something is legal, you should ask a wizard before
you do it.  You may also be asked to demonstrate a method for accomplishing
what you're doing with a client using the on-game systems.

Note in particular that the on-game system does not allow you to do anything
automatically if your character is more than 5 minutes idle, and while it does
have some conditional parsing, it cannot do everything.

You are also allowed to have your client unidle you for the purpose of keeping
your network or ISP connection alive.  The only commands which can be sent
automatically for this purpose are 'save', 'save silently', or 'pause'.  You
are not allowed to have your client unidle you for the purpose of beating the
on-game limits on alias duration.

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