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Help Files

Below are listed the most important commands for a new player in Darker
Realms. There are many other commands available, but these are the ones
we think you will find most useful as you get used to playing here. For
more help on one of these commands, type 'help <command>'.

If you do get stuck, by all means ask another player for help. Assuming
they're actually at the keyboard, most of our players are very willing
to help out newer players on Darker Realms.

n, ne, e, se, s, sw, w, nw, u, d -- commands for travelling around

score                            -- check your score
sc                               -- a briefer version of 'score'
brief (or toggle brief)          -- switch brief mode on or off

wear <armor>                     -- wear armor
wield <weapon>                   -- wield a weapon
equip                            -- wield and wear everything you are carrying

kill <monster>                   -- attack a monster
shape, shape <monster>           -- check the shape a monster is in
toggle autoshape                 -- toggle constantly watching enemy's shape
wimpy <level> <direction>        -- make sure you will run away when injured
toggle monitor                   -- turn on/off your hp/sp monitor

say <message>                    -- say something to everyone in the room
tell <player> <message>          -- send a message to another player
toggle ptalk                     -- start listening to playerchats
ptalk <message>                  -- send a message all players on playerchat

look                             -- look at the room around you
exa <item>                       -- look carefully at something
i                                -- list all the items you are carrying
get <item> (from <container>)    -- pick up an item
drop <item>                      -- drop an item
give <item> to <player>          -- give an item to someone
put <item> in <container>        -- put an item in an container
tag <item>                       -- tag item so it won't be sold in the shop
untag <item>                     -- untag the item

finger <player>                  -- get some information about a player
follow <player>                  -- ask to follow another player

alias <alias> <expansion>        -- the in-game aliasing facility
help newbie, help newbie2        -- get some general help for newbies
quit                             -- log off the game

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