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A brief list of atmosphere verbs available:

ack, admire, adore, agree, ah, apologize, applaud, argh, baa, babble,
bach, backrub, bah, barf, bark, bash, beam, beep, beg, belch, believe,
berate, bitch, bite, blah, bleed, bleh, blink, bluff, blush, boggle,
bonk, boogie, bop, bored, boss, bounce, bow, box, breakdance, breathe,
bully, burp, cackle, caper, caress, censor, chase, cheer, chide,
chirp, chortle, chuckle, clap, clear, click, cluck, comfort, complain,
concentrate, congratulate, coo, cough, cower, crack, cringe, croak,
cry, cuddle, curse, curtsey, dance, daydream, die, disagree, doh,
doubt, drawl, dribble, drool, duck, duh, eep, eh, embrace, envy,
exhale, faint, fart, fear, feed, fidget, fisk, fist, flash, flaugh,
flex, flip, flirt, fondle, forgive, french, fret, frink, frolic,
frown, frowny, fugue, fume, fwap, gag, gah, gape, gasp, gaze, geek,
genuflect, gesticulate, gesture, giggle, girn, glare, goose, grab,
greet, grimace, grin, groan, grok, grope, grovel, growl, grumble,
guffaw, gulp, gurgle, hang, hate, heh, hiccup, hide, high5, hiss, hmm,
hmph, hold, honk, hop, hope, howl, hrm, hshake, huff, hug, huggle,
hum, hurl, idle, ignore, imitate, inhale, innocent, insult, jump,
kick, kiss, knee, know, laf, lag, lap, laugh, leer, lick, like,
listen, lol, love, lust, luv, mack, massage, menace, meow, moan, mock,
molest, moo, moonwalk, mope, mourn, mumble, mustard, mutter, nag,
neckbite, nestle, nibble, nod, nudge, nuzzle, oof, ooh, order, ouch,
pace, panic, pant, pat, peer, pester, pet, phew, pinch, plonk, point,
poke, ponder, pounce, pout, practice, preen, prod, prostrate, puff,
puke, punch, punt, purr, puzzle, quack, raise, rant, rave, recoil,
relax, revolted, rofl, roll, rotate, rowr, rubnose, ruffle, sack,
sblounskch, scamper, scold, scowl, scratch, scream, seduce, shake,
sheesh, shiver, shocked, shriek, shrug, shudder, shurg, sigh, sing,
sit, skip, slap, smack, smile, smiley, smirk, smooch, smother, snap,
snarl, sneer, sneeze, snicker, sniff, sniffle, snore, snort, snuggle,
snuke, snuzzle, sob, spam, spank, spit, splutter, squat, squeak,
squeal, squeeze, squirm, stammer, stare, startle, steam, stifle,
stomp, stretch, strip, stroke, strut, suck, sulk, sway, swear, sweat,
swoon, tackle, tango, tantrum, tap, taunt, tease, thank, think, thump,
tickle, tilt, tip, tongue, torsk, touch, trip, trump, trust, turn,
twiddle, twirl, twitch, ugh, understand, unf, vomit, wait, wander,
want, watch, wave, weep, whap, whimper, whine, whip, whistle, wibble,
wiggle, wince, wink, winky, wipe, wobble, wonder, woot, worry,
worship, wrinkle, yammer, yawn, yell, yelp, yodel and yuck.

See also: adverb-list, adverbs, atmo, atmospheres, verbs.

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